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PLEASE NOTE:  OUR BANKING DETAILS HAVE NOT CHANGED.  Please contact us if you receive any emails and we will confirm the correct details for payment.

Welcome to

Roux Plaveimeesters

Please note:  With the introduction of the new POPIA act on the 01st July 2021 we will never divulge your information to anyone without your permission.  Please contact us immediately if you need more information or be removed from our mailing list.

We would love to stay connected - however, we would like to give you the option to opt-out should you no longer wish to receive any further e-mail communication from us.

At ‘Roux Plaveimeesters’ we strive toward Integrity and Excellence. We guarantee the highest ethical standards and continuous testing of quality.Be sure to visit us and enjoy the amazing quality and professionalism that we offer

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